We offer tutoring and coaching sessions for students of all ages.  Our lesson plans are developed by the individual and we contact the classroom teacher to develop the plan.  

We are here to support schoolwork, study skills and life skills. All of our offerings are below. If you're in need of a different kind of course or help, please contact us today for a consultation!


Study Skills and Personal Development

Notebook 101

Social Etiquette

Cyber Life

Parent Advocate

Project Support

Parent Online Seminar


We hold an initial consultation and evaluation.  We review your child's current state of progress.  

  • Please bring report cards, standardized test scores, and any outside evaluations that you may have to that appointment.
  • Work samples from school or home are reviewed.
  • Your child will be interviewed about their feelings towards school.
  • A report will be completed and a set of learning goals will be created.  After the parent reviews the plan, lessons will begin.  


  • Cost:  Intake evalution and learning goal plan developed $250, single subject assessment $95
  • Individual seminar: $400 for eight-45 minute sessions, includes all materials and communication with the classroom teacher
  • Small group seminar (3-5 students per class):  $250 for eight-60 minute sessions, includes an 8 week syllabus, all materials and communication with the parent/classroom teacher.  Sessions run in 8 week cycles.


The topics for this seminar include:  

Study skills pic
  • Organizational tips for home and backpack use
  • Time management for personal and academic scheduling
  • Daily note taking for personal and academic use
  • Test taking skills in the hopes of reducing anxiety
  • Note taking for studying/tests
  • Developing a system of rapport with my teacher
  • Goal setting for daily, weekly and yearly goals
  • Creating a personal brand that reflects you!
  • Creating your resume from age 5 to 22!
  • Volunteering/Service opportunities
  • Passion, what do you love to do?  Are you putting these tasks in your planning?
  • Working smarter, not harder
  • The GOAL of this class:  More free time for students and less parental support to get the job done
  • Cost:  $75 deposit to hold your child's spot

  • $325 / One hour seminar for 7 weeks, includes all textbooks and materials (Small Group), and 2 individual sessions


Current Class Schedule:  Call our office to be placed on the waiting list for other classes that may open up, if you do not see one that matches your schedule.

Elementary (grades 3-5), limited to 4 students/session.  Beginning the week of October 2.


 Tuesdays from 7-8PM with Mrs. Gordon

Wesley Chapel

Thursdays from 5-6PM with Ms. Johnson


Middle School (grades 6-8), limited to 6 students/session.  Beginning the week of October 16.


Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30 with Mrs. Gaudens

Wednesdays from 7-8PM  with Mrs. Gordon

Wesley Chapel

Tuesdays from 7-8 PM with Mrs. Morphew

Saturdays from 10-11 Middle/High with Mrs. Gordon and Ms. Johnson


High School (grades 9-12), limited to 6 students/session. Beginning the week of October 2.


Tuesdays from 4-5PM with Ms. Clisset

Wesley Chapel

Thursdays from 7-8PM with Ms. Johnson

Saturdays from 10-11 Middle/High with Mrs. Gordon and Ms. Johnson

Notebook 101

This one day seminar will help your child get started on the right foot for the school year.  

  • Set up school notebook and filing system for the school year
  • Basic review of study skills and note taking
  • Using a planner that works for you! Setting up a personal schedule for personal and academic use
  • One on one session, with a coach.  Siblings may come together.
  • Prerequisites:  Materials are required for this seminar. Students need to provide materials, that are required by their teachers at school or may choose to purchase a package of materials, for an additional fee,  approved by Life Skills In ACTion. 
  • Cost:  $25 deposit to hold your child's spot

  • $60 / one 75 minute seminar, includes materials


Topics in this seminar include:

  • Do you include others in group settings?  How do you join a group?
  • Are you relatable to your peers, family and community?
  • Can you adapt when something doesn’t go your way?
  • Personal grooming and how you create your personal brand every day!
  • Managing anxiety in new settings
  • Table and restaurant manners
  • Public Speaking skills/strategies
  • A "code" of ethics for phone/text etiquette
  • Cost: $75 deposit, balance due at the first class

  • $295 / One hour seminar for 7 weeks, includes all textbooks and materials (Small Group)

Cyber Life: Devices welcome!

Topics for this seminar include:

  • The responsibility to yourself and others
  • Do’s and don’ts for safety
  • Cyber-bullying prevention
  • Protecting yourself and your identity
  •  Are you representing the image you want?
  • Cost:  $45 / One hour seminar (Individually held)



A staff member can attend a parent teacher conference with you.

  • Initial phone call to discuss what your goals, questions and concerns are for the conference.  
  • During the meeting, we will clarify points, ask questions on your behalf, take notes and help to develop a plan of action for your child.  
  • After the meeting, a detailed document will be sent to you with suggestions for supporting your child.  
  • We also can attend student evaluation and IEP meetings.  


  • Cost:
    •  $150 Includes the meeting and follow up notes.  Typically, conferences take one hour or less.  If the conference is more than one hour, or if follow up conferences are required, there would be an additional fee of $75.
    •  $75 if you would like our services to help plan for your conference and be provided an conference outline.

Science Project or Project PALOOza! 

Are you in need of a teacher for a small project?  Perhaps a book or science project?  An essay for college?  A speech for a special event such as TEDX, a Bhat Mitzvah or Quinceañara?  Maybe you are running for a class office and need help preparing your campaign? 

Cost:  $45/ Session, booked individually 


Each month, a topic for discussion will be offered by an expert in an area of parenting.  Parents would be able to log on from home and take place in an online interactive seminar.

Cost:  $15.00 Registration Fee

Don't we all want to see our kids this happy?  Congratulations, Jeremy!  

Don't we all want to see our kids this happy?  Congratulations, Jeremy!