Where it all begins... kindergarten.  Study skills begin as early as age 5. 

Where it all begins... kindergarten.  Study skills begin as early as age 5. 

“Mrs. Gordon is an amazing educator! She immediately developed a rapport with my daughter from the initial greeting and created a positive learning environment.  Mrs. Gordon motivated my daughter to extend her learning and acquire new skills that helped her study more independently. Homework and study time is a much happier time in our household!”  

- Julie, a Mom from Wesley Chapel, FL

"Ms. Amy Gordon has impacted my son's growth in a variety of capacities over the years - as a teacher, tutor, personal development coach, organizer, motivator and more!  Her personal interest and involvement in his education has been invaluable to his growth and development as he has moved through elementary school.   She has also been instrumental in helping me to understand what his challenges are and how to provide him with the resources necessary to make him successful.  I am very grateful for the support she has provided to both me an my son over the years and look forward to continuing the relationship through her new venture - Life Skills In ACTion."

- Denise, a Mom from Wesley Chapel, FL

Mr. Powers is one of those teachers that will be with my child for life.  He taught my son to be a great man.  I can't thank him enough for all he has done for our family.

Terry, a Mom from Wesley Chapel, FL

My daughter just finished her first semester at college.  She took your study skills and SAT prep class last summer.  My daughter came home with a 3.83 GPA.  How many beginning freshman can say they did that!  I am so proud of my daughter.  Thank you for helping her to make this transition to college." 

Chris, a mom from Land O' Lakes, FL


“I just finished your study skills seminar and I wanted to thank you for helping me feel like learning is fun again.  I had a hard time studying for my classes in middle school.  Once I realized what I needed to do, it didn’t seem so hard anymore.  I would get overwhelmed and stare at the paper. It didn’t go straight to my brain and I thought it would.  Thank you for helping me before I gave up.  Since taking your classes, I have earned straight A's (two grading periods in a row).  I haven't had straight A's since third grade.”  

Tyler, a middle school student, Tampa, FL

"Thank you so much for attending the meeting for my son at his high school.  In all the meetings I have had over the years for him,  I have never walked away having a true understanding of what he needs, as I did yesterday."

 Elizabeth, Mom of a high school student, Wesley Chapel, FL

"Thank you Life Skills In ACTion for making my job better than ever.  One of my students recently took your seminars and I can't tell you all the ways it has impacted my student, the list is too long.  This was a real game changer for her.  I wondered what would happen if I registered my own children.  So, I gave it a true and I have not been disappointed!  My three children understand how our family can work better, if we all do the parts we are responsible for.  You changed my family and I didn't think that would happen from a study skills class!

Allison, middle school teacher, Tampa, FL